Involved with the project from pre-production onward, worked not only as the colorist at the end of the process but was present on-set throughout production defining the workflow and working on set at The Point community center making sure dailies were delivered correctly and on time to editorial. 

The We and The I was a big challenge since the entire film is essentially in one location... a moving NYC MTA bus.  The fluorescent lights were intentionally left in place, and the windows of the bus were often not ND filtered to create a more natural environment for the kids.  The mixed lighting sources of daylight streaming in the windows and the fluorescent lights of the bus hitting the kids from different angles as well as many time of day lighting shifts was a perfect storm of challenges for color grading!  

One of the first feature films to use the HDRX high dynamic range mode of the Red EPIC camera which allowed us the ability to retain highlights and see the city though the windows of the bus while still using avaiable light.  The whole strategy during production was to keep the environment as natural and free as possible.  

Worked with Michel and DP Alex Dissenhof to achieve a natural but yet highly vibrant feel which captured the energy of the kids and the Bronx.