Worked with writer-director-editor Kimberly Levin on this beautifully shot modern rural tale.

The mix of modern sensibilities with rural life, and the films relationship with nostalgia are very important to the film's story as well as it's imagery.  Shot on Alexa with vintage Baltar Lenses we worked to find a look which felt natural and also emphasized the vitality of the landscape, the changing of the seasons, and the contrast between the natural and the synthetic.

"the film shifts between the pastoral beauty of the outdoors and changing seasons with the white-walled, never-ending fluorescent twilight inside the big buildings of big agriculture" - IndieWIRE

"beautiful farm-based imagery that Terrence Malick would appreciate" -WayTooIndie

"The cinematography highlights the stunning beauty of the rural South during the changing of seasons."  - MovieMezanine