Other Months is an experimental film both visually and narratively, I worked with director Nick Singer to find the unique aesthetic to this distinctly modern film.  Shot on Red EPIC, we worked to enhance the different aesthetics of the varying "months" of the film but also kept them unified with a single clean "honest" aesthetic.  The film travels though a remarkable variety of looks and works with three different aspect ratios as the film steps through its various "months".

"a visual poem, a headspace, and a feature film, "Other Months" is broken into three parts, each section correlating to a different time of year in tone, setting, and theme. Moving to the beat of its images as much as its plot, the film operates on the principle of repetition and variation, tracking the subtle shifts in Nash’s static year." - Indiewire

"Each part represents a different tone and employs a different visual style... If only there were more such courageous young filmmakers as well as more festival programmers who were as equally bold." - Hammer To Nail