Worked with Director Zach Treitz (winner best new director Tribeca Film Festival) and cinematographer Brett Jutkiewicz on Men Go To Battle, a miraculously executed civil war era film which prioritizes naturalism and realism over the conventions of a typical period drama.  Our goal in developing these images was to always let the natural light and inherent beauty of the environments guide the aesthetic.

“Treitz persuasively and passionately re-creates a grand panorama on an intimate scale... the clothing and the furnishings have the aura of simple authenticity, which is reinforced by the cinematographer Brett Jutkiewicz’s agile impressionism, illuminated by streaky sunlight, flickering bonfires, and dim lanterns.”
‑Richard Brody, The New Yorker  

"Director Treitz and cinematographer Brett Jutkiewicz opt for cozy handheld close-ups, whose spartan beauty engenders intense empathy for their protagonists." 
‑Nick Schager, Variety

"Even more impressive is Brett Jutkiewicz’s finely shaded cinematography, as rich in textural atmosphere with day and night exteriors as it is with candle-lit interiors."
‑Tony Pipolo, ArtForum