I Believe In Unicorns was shot using a beautiful mixture of film stocks and combing live action and stop motion animation.  I worked with director Leah Meyerhoff extensively to bring out the best of the 16mm and 8mm film, often experimenting with more extreme "cross process" techniques.  I experimented with unusual compositing of analog film elements layering footage of melting ice, smoke, sparklers, and more.  I worked extensively to find a sweet spot balancing the amount of grain, working with noise reduction, and adding grain when needed.

It was really important to us during all of this manipulation to stay true to the lo-fi, hand made, tactile creative process underlying the film.

I Believe in Unicorns premiered in competition at South By Southwest in 2014.

"Meyerhoff establishes the daydream-y quality of Davina's p.o.v. in the opening scenes, and sustains that subjective approach to reality with lenser Jarin Blaschke's artful variations of film stock, and purposefully childlike fantasies realized through Josh Mahan's inspired stop-motion animation." - Variety