Was one of the primary VFX vendors as well as the DI editor for Europa Report, a sci-fi thriller which chronicles an ill-fated trip to Europa, the moon of Jupiter, via "found footage" from the ship's logs.  Given the verity style of story telling it was critical that VFX be transparent.

We were also faced with the unique challenge of working with 6 different VFX vendors from NY to LA, all of whom had to implement various digital glitches / video malfunctions on top of their various VFX.

After working with director Sebastian Cordero and VFX supervisor Mark Russell, I designed the look and feel of interactive digital distortion which felt suitable for something on a modern spacecraft, not "VHS" type static.  I designed the effect into an interactive gizmo which could be distributed to each of out VFX vendors so that they could place the effect on top of their work and tweak the various parameters as needed.