In addition to feature film and music video work I often work on commercials, both at Outlier and freelancing at other facilities.  Clients include Google, Vogue, Nike, Bottega Veneta, Sony, BMW, Reebok, Gilette, and many more.  The material Below is just a small cross section of some work that is publicly available.


COLORIST  -  Splash Backwards  -  J. Crew

Director:  Van Neistat  -  Music:  Grey Gersten  -  Featuring - Andy Spade, cofounder of Partners & Spade

COLORIST  -  Training Tracks  -  Gilette

Director:  Michel Gondry 

COLORIST  -  Revolutions On Air-  For Redbull Music Academy

Director:  Joey Garfield  -  D.O.P:  Brett Jutkewitz 

COLORIST  -  Live With Fire (Orelsan)  -  Reebok

Director: Jason Beattie 

COLORIST  -  My Life In Vogue Campaign  -  Vogue Magazine

D.O.P:  Ethan Palmer  -  remaining campaign can be found at

COLORIST  -  Power of Four  -  BMW

Director:  Morgan Spurlock  -  Facility: Color Collective

COLORIST  -  Becks Artists Lables  -  Becks

Director: Kalim Armstrong  -  Facility  -  Heist

COLORIST  -  Northlandz  MiniDoc  -  Sony

Director:  Josh Nussbaum - Agency Wieden + Kennedy